Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” was established as a capital and technology alliance between Japan “Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.” and German “Siemens AG”. The company name derived from these two companies’ first sound “Fu” and “Si”and the highest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji

Fuji Electric is a Japanese electrical equipment company, manufacturing pressure transmitters, flowmeters, gas analyzers, controllers, inverters, pumps, generators, ICs, motors, and power equipment.

Since the foundation in 1923, Fuji Electric has innovated energy technology to make broad contributions to the world in the fields of industrial and social infrastructure.

Now, through unprecedented population growth and the rapid advance of industrialization, the world is facing energy and environmental issues. Building on its technology and experience,
Fuji Electric aims to pursue innovation in energy and environment technology and to continue creating high-value-added, environmentally friendly products and systems that allow energy to be used stably and with maximum efficiency. We will also expand our energy- and environment-related businesses around the world, work toward harmony with the ever-changing natural environment, and contribute to the realization of a responsible and sustainable society.

Taking to heart our corporate slogan of being “enthusiastic, ambitious, and sensitive,” we will utilize the comprehensive strength of teams of diverse, individual employees, with the aim of global business expansion and continuous growth as a company